Hello, I’m Charissa Lind-Cunningham. I am the Senior Product Designer for Native Apps at Egencia, a business-travel group at Expedia, Inc. My work covers the lifespan of the products we build: including early strategy, UX flows, wireframes, visual design, prototypes (from low to high fidelity), and ongoing iteration and improvement. I design for both iOS and Android. I work closely with research and product to understand the needs of our travelers, and then collaborate with development teams both local and remote, to ensure that the final design works elegantly with our platforms and services.

I am passionate about design that gets things done. The most beautiful products are ones that get out of the way, and focus on making customers successful: not the bells and whistles. I’m most satisfied with my work when it is invisible.

I’m a proud Husky: I have a Bachelor of Design in Interaction Design from the University of Washington. I worked previously at Amazon and Microsoft.

My new portfolio is coming soon!