Selected Work

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Senior Capstone Research

Researching anti-human-trafficking efforts in WA, and exploring applications for data visualization.
Skills: Research, visual design, design in the community

Photo Credit: Tanya Zagumenov

Toy Store: Smart Shelf

A smart shelf that reminds children to pick up their toys.
Skills: Arduino prototyping

The Legend of the Fire Spirit

A narrative exhibit telling the story of fire in Twisp: a rural community in Washington State.
Skills: Exhibit design, design in the community

Just Coffee

A delivery service that combines convenience, quality, and good conscience in an appealing way.
Skills: Service design, visual design

We Are All Travelers

A book documenting my study abroad trip in Italy.
Skills: Photography, book design, writing, book binding.


A collection of my production work, sorted by skill: video editing, visual design, drawing/storyboarding, writing, and photographs.

about me resume

"Love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language." -Rainer Maria Rilke

My passion for design has always been driven by a love for:

Storytelling: I think much of interaction design is about storytelling: who is the main character? Where do they live, and what challenges do they face? What drives them? How does my design fit into their story?

Beauty: crafting beautiful images, and encouraging beautiful experiences.

Curiosity: Quality design arises as much from asking the right questions as it does from giving the right answers (Donald Schön).

Contact me at: charissajanee[at]

I am in my final year of Interaction Design studies at the University of Washington, and am looking forward to beginning the next chapter of my story in June 2013.

Photo credit: Dana Lee